In our client's words:

Two real estate agents themselves said it was the most thorough report they had seen and both of these agents have used him for friends and family

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Top reasons to use us...

Qualified experienced owner / operator.

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Top Reasons To Use Us

Harbour Home Inspections are the North Shore's preferred home inspection service.

  1. Qualified experienced owner / operator.
  2. Specialists in the North Shore's diverse range of homes, and their related conditions.
  3. Extensive on-site investigative phase normally taking between an 1-3/4 and 2 hours, but often longer.
  4. Specialist investigative equipment used including the latest non-invasive moisture testing meter.
  5. Fully typed detailed reports including digital photography. Not basic tick box style reports.
  6. Easy to understand, accurate reports featuring individual sections and thorough "Conclusion, Concerns and Recommendations" section.
  7. Reports are completed and delivered on the same day as the inspection.
  8. On-site consultation available on request.
  9. Customised report options including; Pre market, area specific and verbal only reports.
  10. Competitive prices, impartial confidential and professional service.
  11. Excellent follow up services including re inspections.
  12. Recognised by solicitors, lending institutions and real-estate agencies.